How do I create a Collection?

Anyone with a Gooru account can create collections in Gooru. To create a new collection, please login to Gooru and follow the steps below. (This feature is not available on the phone version of Gooru.)


1. Click on your username on the upper right corner to go to your user profile.

2. Click on the Add button on top navigation bar.

3. Select Collection from the dropdown menu.


4. Enter your Collection Title and click Add.



Editor Icon Reference Chart

5. To make any edits to collection information, click on the Edit button to get started. Change the collection cover image by clicking Update Thumbnail and select an image from your computer. Select a subject for your collection, add Learning Objectives and tag to standards. Click Save to save all your changes.  



6. On the Editor section, click on +New Resource, +New Question, or the + button. You may need to scroll down to see this section or click on the Editor tab on the top.



For adding a resource, enter a Resource URL and Title. Next choose a resource type and click Add.


For adding a question, choose a question type and click Add. You will arrive at the question builder. Continue to build out your question.


Here is a sample collection with a resource and a question. You can go back to edit your resource and question. You can rearrange the order in which they are in. Use the icon definition chart below to help you navigate around the editor.

Editor Icon Reference Chart


7. On the Settings section, set Content Visibility to On so this collection is visible to everyone who visits your profile library. Set to Off to keep this collection private and only visible to you.





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