How do I join a Classroom?

Gooru makes it easy for students to join a classroom and study online. All you’ll need is a Classroom Code--a 7 digit code your teacher will share granting you access to the teacher’s Classroom. You’ll find each of your Gooru assignments within the Classroom.


To join a classroom, first login to your Gooru account and follow the steps below:

1. Click Join Classroom on your homepage.

2. Enter the code in the “Enter a Classroom Code” field.

3. Click Join Classroom.

4. Any classrooms you join appears in your Active Classrooms page. Click on the “Study” button to access the classroom Course Map where you can find the assignments your teacher has set up.

5. On the Course Map page, the assignments a teacher has created will be organized in a course, unit, and lesson hierarchy. First tap the the unit title bar, then tap on the lesson title bar, and finally tap on the collection or assessment title bar to launch it in the player.


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