How do I take an Assessment?

When viewing a Class, the assessments a teacher has created will be organized in a course, unit, lesson folder structure.


To start taking an assessment, please login to Gooru and follow the steps below.


1. Click on the Classroom you have joined from your homepage.

2. Click on the Unit title bar to drill down to the Lesson folder.

3. Click on the Lesson title bar to drill down to the Collection.

4. Click on the Assessment title bar to launch the Assessment Player.


Navigating through an assessment looks similar to studying a collection. However, when taking the assessment you need to click Save and Next after each question and Save and Submit All at the end. If there isn’t enough time to complete the assessment in one session, students can leave the session and come back where they left off later. Unlike question items in collections, there will be no indication whether your answers are correct or incorrect while you are taking the assessment.



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