How do I use Go Live?

Go Live is a feature available on assessments only. When the teacher selects "Go Live" for an assessment, the results for each question for the whole class is visible on the teacher's dashboard in real-time.

To use Go Live, you’ll need the following:


To launch Go Live on an assessment, please log in to your Gooru account and follow the steps below. (Go Live is not available on the phone version of Gooru.)


1. From your homepage, click on the Classroom for which you want to teach.


2. From your Course Map page, locate the Assessment you want to see real-time data and click Go Live to launch the real-time dashboard. When the Go Live dashboard shows on your screen, tell your students to start on the assessment.


3. Once students start on the assessment, the Go Live dashboard will update and show you individual and class progress on the assessment in real-time. You can zoom in on a question to see a distribution of class responses. When you see a common grouping of incorrect answers, it’s a great opportunity to discuss this misunderstanding instantly. You can also zoom in to the individual student and see his/her progress and responses.

4. Click Launch Anonymous to launch the real-time dashboard with student names replaced by student IDs. This view can be projected to a classroom projector so all students can see a live view of the dashboard.


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