How do I customize assessment settings for my assessments?

As a teacher, you can manage your “Assessment Settings” to control how students access and navigate through the assessments you assign to them. You can restrict navigation, set max attempts, and enable/disable showing the answer key for your assessments. To customize assessment settings, please follow the steps below.

1. Open an assessment in the editor.

2. Click Settings or scroll down to the Settings section..




On    Students are allowed to navigate backwards and change responses. The score calculates their latest response.

Off    Students can navigate forward only.



Choose whether students can see their responses to questions are correct or incorrect in one of three ways:

  • Per Question and At the End (Students immediately see “You are correct!” on the question)

  • At the End only (Students can see their answers to each question at the end)

  • Never (Students do not see their answers to questions)


Answer Key

On    Students are allowed to see the answer key at their summary reports.

Off    Students do not see the answer key.



Set the number of attempts students are allowed to take this assessment. The accepted values are 1-10 and Unlimited.

Content Visibility

On     This assessment is visible to everyone who visits your profile library.

Off    This assessment is private and only visible to you.


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