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Gooru is an educational nonprofit that honors the human right to education by creating technology that enables educators and researchers “open-source” effective practices and content to improve learning outcomes for all.

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Why should teachers use the Learning Navigator?
You have a classroom full of students with varying abilities and it’s a challenge to ensure that all students are learning and mastering concepts at their level, at their own pace, in a way that encourages and engages them. Gooru provides a free, intuitive solution that personalizes learning and supports a wide variety of instructional models in the classroom.

With Gooru’s Learning Navigator, you can:

  • Empower students to become self-directed learners
  • Tailor content to meet unique student needs
  • Access engaging resources from a K-12 educator community

You can personalize learning for a whole class while supporting individual students with millions of free learning resources found in the Learning Navigator catalog. Monitor your class’s progress at a glance and set a pacing guide so students know when to move ahead. Students can study at their own pace and receive feedback on how they’re doing. As you explore and build on the Learning Navigator, we encourage you to share your expertise with the community by adding resources to our catalog, building collections, and tagging existing content with standards and other metadata. Many of the educators and learners using the Learning Navigator will also benefit from the hard work you do to support your students.

Why should students use the Learning Navigator?
You can easily access educator-curated content assigned to you by your teachers. As you complete your learning activities, you can review your performance data and suggested learning activities to help you reach your goals.

The Learning Navigator offers a variety of content so you can search for topics that interest you, bookmark and study them for your independent learning.

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You can reach us through our website http://gooru.org/about/contact-us​ or email us at info@gooru.org.

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