I can't view this video resource because YouTube is blocked in our school. What do I do?

We understand that some websites, including YouTube, are blocked for safety reasons in schools. We continuously do our best to ensure that no content in the Learning Navigator is offensive or inappropriate for children, as established by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, and we certainly understand your school’s concern. Please provide your school’s IT Department with the following information, and let us know if it requires any additional information.

The Learning Navigator makes it easy for teachers and students to find the best online learning resources. Using machine learning and human judgment, the Learning Navigator curates, auto-tags and contextualizes collections of web resources to accommodate personalized learning pathways. Multimedia resources available on the Learning Navigator dramatically increase student engagement and motivation to learn by connecting topics with 21st century resources and real life applications.

Collections in the Learning Navigator feature the best sets of web resources for learning a given topic. Teachers in the community organize and curate education resources, creating collections for K-12th grade math, science, history and economics topics (with more subjects coming soon).
Many of the video resources used in collections are hosted on YouTube and therefore have YouTube URLs. These videos, created  by NASA, BBC Worldwide, and Khan Academy, are viewed and experienced on the Navigator, not YouTube.


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