What is a Learning Navigator classroom?

In the Learning Navigator, a classroom is a dedicated webpage where teachers can assign content to share with their students. An advantage of using classrooms is that as students study the materials in the course, they and the teachers can view their performance. This information can give them insights into how students are learning and their level of understanding.

What goes into a Learning Navigator classroom?
  • Students can join with a Classroom Code: a Classroom Code is unique each classroom which makes it easy to share.
  • Content for a Course: Students navigate through units and lessons that teachers can customize. Lessons have two types of activities: Learning Collections & Assessments
  • Daily Class Activities: Teachers can also assign collections and assessments to Daily Class Activities to check for understanding and monitor progress in real time.
  • Monitor student progress: Monitor progress of individual students and the class as a whole. Get a closer look at scores across units, by lesson, and for individual assessments.


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