How do I edit an Assessment?

Once you’ve remixed an assessment or created one of your own, you can edit and personalize it to meet the needs of your students.  
You can:
  • Edit the assessment’s image, title, and standards
  • Add new questions
  • Reorder questions
  • Copy questions to other assessments
  • Add guiding narrations to each question
To edit your assessment, navigate to your content and find the assessment you would like to work on.

1. Click Edit on the Assessment card to open the editor.

2. To make any edits to assessment information, click on the Edit button to get started. Change the assessment cover image by clicking Update Thumbnail and select an image from your computer. Select a subject for your assessment, add learning objectives and tag to standards. Click Save to save all your changes.

3. On the Editor section, you may add additional questions by clicking on +New Question, or the + button. You can reorder questions and narration. Use the icon definition chart below to help you navigate around the editor.

Editor Icon Reference Chart


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