How do I customize Assessment settings?

As a teacher, you can manage your “Assessment Settings” to control how students access and navigate through the assessments you assign to them. You can restrict navigation, set maximum attempts, and enable/disable showing the answer key for your assessments.

1. From the Profile page, click the Assessment tab > click Edit to open the Assessment Editor.2. Click Settings or scroll down to the Settings section.


  • On Students are allowed to navigate backwards and change responses.  The score calculates their latest response. Students can go forward and skip questions.
  • Off Students can navigate forward only, not allowing them to skip questions.


Choose whether students can see their responses to questions are correct or incorrect in one of three ways:

  • Per Question and At the End (Students immediately see “You are correct!” on the question)

  • At the End only (Students can see their answers to each question at the end)

  • Never (Students do not see their answers to questions)

Answer Key

  • On Students are allowed to see the answer key on the summary reports.
  • Off Students do not see the answer key.

Set the number of attempts students are allowed to take this assessment. The accepted values are 1-10 and Unlimited.

Content Visibility
  • On This assessment is visible to everyone who visits your profile library.
  • Off This assessment is private and only visible to you.


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