How do I add an assessment to my Daily Class Activities?

Once you’ve remixed an assessment or created one of your own, you can add it to your Daily Class Activities.

To add your assessment, navigate to your content, click on the assessment tab and find the assessment you would like to add.

1. Click on the plus icon to add the assessment.

2. Select the classroom you want to add the assessment to.

3.To view and assign the assessment go to that classroom’s Daily Class Activities page.


In Daily Class Activities performance data is available for that day. Once students complete an assessment in the Daily Class Activities, they can view their performance only on the assessment’s summary page. Once students exit out of the assessment summary page, they can no longer view their performance data.

Teachers can view the student performance data by launching the Go Live button for that assessment. If the assessment is launched using the Go Live button, the performance data will be visible in real-time. Here is an article on how to launch assessments in real-time using Go Live.

Teachers can also view student performance if students complete assessments at their own pace. Teachers can use the Go Live button to launch the dashboard to see how students responded.


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