How do I copy an assessment from one course to another course?

If there is an assessment in a course that you want to use it in another course, follow the steps below to copy the assessment from course A to course B.

1. Click your username in the upper right corner > click Edit icon on the Course A that has the assessment you want to copy.
2.  Scroll down and find the assessment you want to copy from > click the Copy icon to make a duplicate copy of the assessment.

3. Enter a new title for the duplicate copy > click Remix.

4. The remixed copy will be copied into Course A as well as be into your content library.  Remove the remixed copy (not Delete) in Course A.

5. To navigate to Course B, click on your username > click on Edit icon of Course B.
6. Navigate to the Unit / Lesson where you want the assessment to be copied to > click From My Assessments.

7.  Select the duplicate copy > click Add. The copied assessment is now added to Course B.

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