How do I upload a file to the Learning Navigator?

The Learning Navigator allows you to upload PDF and image files from your computer’s hard drive. To upload a file, please login to the Learning Navigator and follow the steps below. Please note that for file uploads, the supported file extensions are: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and the max file size is 5 MB.

1. Click on your username on the upper right corner to go to your user profile.

2. Click on the Add button on the top navigation bar then select Resource from the dropdown menu. Note: You can also add resources to a collection directly in the collection editor.

3. Click Upload File to switch to the file upload popup dialogue.

4. Click Upload and select the file you want to upload. Enter Resource Title, select Resource Type and click Add.

5.  The resource has been added and can be found under the Resources tab.

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