How do I study a collection or assessment?

To start studying a collection or assessment that has been assigned to you by your teacher, please login into the Learning Navigator and follow the steps below.

There are two ways to study a collection or assessment.

Method 1: Study a collection or assessment that is part of a Course

1. From your homepage, click on the Classroom you want to study.

2. Once you are in the classroom, click on the Course Map to access all the content. Then click on the unit and lesson whose collection or assessment you would like to study.

3.Start studying the collection or assessment.
The study player is used to view resources or questions. You can view resources and questions in any order by clicking on the resource on the left navigation menu. Click on the reaction icons on the top to rate resources as you move through the collection. For question items, you can select your answers or write an open response. Make sure you click “Save and Next” before moving on to the next resource.

When you’ve finished studying, view your usage summary report to see how you performed. You can see which questions you got correct, how you reacted, and how much time you spent on each resource. You can always exit out of the player by clicking on the Course Map button on the top right of the page.


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