How do I study a collection or assessment?

1. From your homepage, click on the Classroom Name.  

2.  To access the collections and assessments under the Course Map, click on the Unit Title to expand the lessons > click on the Lessons Title to view the collections and assessments.

3.  Click on the collection or assessment you want to study > click the Play button to start studying.

4. In the Study Player, you can:

  • Go back to the Course Map by clicking the 3-bar icon in the upper left corner

  • Scroll through suggested resources relating to the collection or assessment being studied

  • View how many assessments you have completed

  • See your overall performance in the course  

  • View resources or answer questions in the main study area of the player

  • Click Previous/Next buttons to navigate between resources or questions

  • Click Up Arrow opens a list to navigate backwards and change responses or view a resource again

  • React to a resource or question


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