System requirements to use the Learning Navigator

The Learning Navigator is designed to run in virtually any modern operating system and browser combination with very minimal overhead. We have listed the OS and browser combinations that we specifically test against and support, but it's likely that there are other browsers that will work just as well.  We highly recommend updating to the newest version of one the supported browsers listed below.   

Recommended Internet Browsers
  • Chrome 59 or newer
  • Firefox 54 or newer
‚ÄčOther Supported Browsers
  • Safari 10 or newer
  • Edge or newer
Screen Resolution
  • The Learning Navigator is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1440 x 900 or better.
  • If you want to view the Learning Navigator on a device with a smaller screen, some features may not be supported.
Internet Speed
  • High speed internet connection with minimum of 4 mbps
Some of the website and interactive resources you’ll find on the Learning Navigator may require that your device supports Adobe Flash and the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your device.

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