How do I share my content with others?

The easiest way to share your content with others is to let them access your profile and remix your content. There are 3 main steps:

  1. Turn on the Profile Visibility Setting
  2. Share Profile with Other
  3. Others Remix Your Content

1.  Turn on the Profile Visibility Setting

1) Click on the Classroom name that has the content you want to share with others.
2) Click Edit Course.
3) Scroll down to the Settings/Profile Visibility section > toggle the switch from Off to On. Your content is now available to others to remix.

2. Share Profile with Others
There are two ways to share your profile with others.

Method A:
Click on your username in the upper right corner > copy the link in the browser bar and share it with others.

Method B:  

1)  Replace username with your Learning Navigator username in this link:      
2)  Share the changed link with others.

3.  Others Remix Your Content

Other people will need to copy and paste the link you shared into their browser bar. Then they can browse your library of Courses, Collections, Assessments, Resources, and Questions. For Courses, Collections, Assessments, and Questions, they will click on the Preview button and then the Remix button to copy and save the content to their own accounts. For Resources and Questions, they will click on the Add To button to directly add a resource or question to their own Collections or Assessments. For people who remix your content, and for people whose content you remix, click Follow to bookmark this user so you can easily return to their profile.


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