How do I remix a Collection?

A collection is a playlist of resources on a topic curated by a teacher. Each collection is comprised of resources, which may include images, videos, webpages, games, textbooks, questions, and more.  Remixing a collection is a way to copy a collection to your own content library.  Once it is in your library, you can tailor the collection by adding or deleting the content to your instructional needs.  

1.  To search for a topic, enter a topic in the Search Bar at the top of the page.
2. Click Collections tab > find the collection you want to remix > click Preview button.

3. Click Remix button.
4.  Use the default collection name or enter a new name > click Remix button.
5.  A green bar will appear briefly confirming that you have remixed the content. Click Edit to update and personalize the assessment or you can open the collection and update it later.

6.  To see the remixed collection in your library, click on your profile > My Content > Collections tab. You can use it as is or edit to customize it to meet your needs.



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