How do I view and download my classroom report?

Data in your classroom report allows the teacher to view student progress data within a particular course, with granularity ranging from the entire course to individual items in an assessment or a collection. Teachers can view data for your entire class at a glance, and also drill-down to see how individual students are progressing through the course.

As your students study a course, the Leaning Navigator pays attention to certain things:
  1. Pacing. Ever wondered how long it takes your students to get through a lesson? There’s a data point for that! How long your assessments take? Yep! How much time it takes to puzzle out the answer to a particular question? That too!
  2. Responses and scores. When students answer question items, either in a collection or as part of an assessment, you’ll be able to see what their response was and how they did.
  3. Attempts/views. Students get a first chance, and a second, and a third...After studying a collection, students can come back and study it all over again. The Learning Navigator keeps track of how students study each time they view a collection. The same goes for assessments: students can try an assessment several times based on the settings you choose, and you’ll be able to see how they did on their first attempt and all subsequent attempts as well.
  4. Emoticons. Students can note how they are feeling about resources and questions in collections and assessments, and you can see their responses when viewing their data.  

From your home page, click on the classroom whose report you want to view.

Once you are in your classroom, click on Report. As students complete the course, their data will be displayed on this page. To download the report, click on the download button.


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