3.14 Release Notes

This page documents all the features and enhancements in Gooru’s Learning Navigator Release. For detailed information on using any of the Learning Navigator’s features, please refer to the Support Center.

Landing Page

The landing page has been customized for teachers and students.



Featured Courses Quick Link

Teacher and students can access featured courses using a quick link from the landing page. 

Take a Tour

New students and teachers can use the “take a tour” icon to become familiar with the Learning Navigator’s features.


Content Manager Quick Link

Teacher can easily access their content by clicking on Content Manager under the Tools tab.

Active and Archived Classrooms

Teachers can access their active and archived classrooms from the landing page. 


Teachers can access Daily Class Activities, Course Map, Reports and Class Management. 

Daily Class Activities

Teachers can assign collections and assessments to their students and launch live assessments in real-time. Once live assessments have been completed, teachers can access the data by re-clicking on the go-live button.

Course Map

Students can view and complete collections and assessments. Teachers can edit their content or click on the add button to assign a collection or assessment to Daily Class Activities. 


View student performance as they complete collections and assessments in their Course Map. Drill down to data in the unit, lesson, collection, and assessment. 

Class Management

Teachers can edit class and course information, delete or archive classes and delete students. 


Daily Class Activities

Students can easily access collections and assessments assigned to them that day by their teacher. 

Independent Learning

Students can search for topics on which they are interested and bookmark and study them. They can also receive data on the items they complete. 

Content Catalog

The Learning Navigator catalog offers 4 million+ resources, 20,000 collections and assessments, and over 35 courses. The catalog includes newly designed STEM courses including Marine Biology, Integrated Science Phenomena and Solutions, Chemistry College Prep, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

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