How do I remix content from the Partner Libraries?

Partner Libraries contain content from leading organizations, K-12 school districts, and higher education institutions.  Remixing a course from the partner libraries is a way to copy a course, collection, assessment, resource, or question to your own content library.  Once it is in your library, you can tailor the course by adding or deleting the content to your instructional needs.  

1. To access the Partner Libraries, click on the Library link > Partner Libraries tab.
2. Click on the title of the Partner Library that you want to view content and remix.

3.  Browse through the Courses, Collections, Assessments, and Questions tabs and find content that you want to remix. Click the Preview button.

4.  Click Remix button.

5.  Use the default name or provide a new name > click Confirm & Copy button.
6. A green bar will appear briefly confirming that you have remixed the content. Click Edit to update and personalize the assessment.
7.  To see the remixed content in your library, click on your username > My Content.  You can use it as is or edit to customize it to meet your needs.

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