How do I add a rubric to a free response question?

In the Learning Navigator, you can use rubrics to grade free response questions in collections and assessments. In this article we will focus on adding a free response question to an assessment.

1.  Click on your username in the upper right corner.2. Click on the  Create dropdown > select Collection.
3. Enter a Collection Title > click Create.
4. In the content builder, you can change the collection title, add a thumbnail image, and tag it to standards.

5. In the Editor section, click on +New Question to add a question, or the + plus button to select creation of a resource or a question. You may need to scroll down to see this section or click on the Editor tab in the black panel.

6. Select Free Response for the question type > click Create.

7.  In the Editor section, enter a question > add an image for the question > toggle the Rubic setting to ON > click +From Existing Rubric.

8.  Select a rubric you want to apply the question to > click Add.  If you have not yet created a rubric, you will be prompted to go to My Content and create one.

9. Once you have added the rubric, you can edit or delete it from the question. Click Save to save all your settings.

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