How do teachers grade a free response question using a rubric?

After students complete the collection or assessment that has a free response question with rubric grading, the teacher will receive notification that the item is ready to be graded.

1. Once you log into your teacher account, you will see a blue notification icon with the number of notifications displayed on the icon.  Click on the icon to open a dialog that displays a message, informing you that an item needs to be graded > click on the notification in the dialog.
2. It navigates to the course that has the item that needs to be graded.  The item is displayed on the right side of the Course Map. Click on the item to grade it.
3. In the Grading Player, the question and the student’s response is on the left side, and the grading and rubric are on the right. To grade the item:  
  • Click on the Grading tab.
  • Click the down arrow to expand the Category section.
  • Set the grade level for each Category and enter comments.
  • Provide an Overall Comment > click Submit to save.
  • Use the Previous and Next links to grade other students’ responses.
  • Once you are finished, click Submit and Finish.  

Note:  Once you hit Submit and Finish, grading is final and cannot be changed.  


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