3.17 Release Notes

Learning Navigator 3.17 Release Notes

This document features all the enhancements and bug fixes included in the 3.17 product release. For detailed information on using any of Learning Navigator’s features, please refer to the Support Center.

The Learning Navigator’s look and feel has been updated for an enhanced and seamless experience.  Students will see a new and improved layout as they log in, access their content, and study.  The teacher’s experience has been improved as well and will continue to include enhanced features across the next few months.  The user interface is different, but the functionality remains the same.  

Student Home Page

The updated home page allows students to easily join a classroom, see their overall performance in a course, and continue studying from their last completed activity.

Student Course Map
Students can study the assessment or collection and see their overall performance in the course as well as for each lesson.

Student Study Player

The study player has been redesigned to help students study better. In the top panel, students can scroll through suggested resources relating to the collection or assessment being studied, view how many assessments they completed, and see their overall performance in the course.  Students can view resources or answer questions in the main area of the player.  In the bottom panel, Previous and Next buttons are available to navigate between resources or questions,  Up Arrow opens a list where students can navigate backwards and change responses or view a resource again, and reaction icons for students to react to a resource or question.

Student Report

Student reports have an enhanced layout to help teachers and students review the performance, and teachers can intervene accordingly.

Teacher Course Map

In the course map, teachers have the ability to view the overall course performance, launch assessments in real-time, turn assessments on or off, and view all the collections and assessments assigned in the course.

Teacher Reports

Teachers can easily view student performance with less clicks to drill down to the collection and assessment levels.

Profile Page

Students and teachers can view the content they created and update their user information.

Search and Libraries

As students and teachers search for a topic or view the Learning Navigator's libraries, they will see updated layouts.  They can view a summary of the content, standards to which it's tagged, and preview it.

Content Catalog




4.4 Million

Collections and Assessments

19 Thousand

Snapshot date: November 8, 2017

  • 5th Grade Math is a new Feature Course designed by Matthew McSpadden, a math educator with KIPP San Antonio Public Schools.  This course is for students to (1) develop fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions, and develop understanding of the multiplication of fractions and of division of fractions in limited cases; (2) extend division to two-digit divisors, integrate decimal fractions into the place value system and develop understanding of operations with decimals to hundredths.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Teachers can sort by student last names on the Go Live Dashboard.

  • Rubric Search filters content based on the keyword.

  • Back buttons are added to the Edit Course page, Edit Rubric, and Sub-Report pages.

  • A bug fix was made in the Teacher Grading Player and Student Free Response Report.  Free response questions now have an image displayed in the question prompt.

  • Various bug fixes were done on the Content Builder:

    • Edits in the Collection Editor for free response questions are saved.

    • On the Edit Course page, tagged standards no longer disappear when clicking on the Edit button.

    • When creating a fill-in-the-blank question, creating an answer is required before saving is allowed.

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