How do I view and edit my Course Map?

To edit your Course Map, you will first need to add a course to your classroom.

1. On the homepage, click on Course Map of the Classroom with the course you want to view and edit.

2. Under the Course Map tab, you can view all the units, lessons, collections, and assessments assigned in the course.  

3. To edit the Course information and content, click Edit Course.

4. Click Edit.

5. Update the Course Information (thumbnail, title, description, category, standards, audience, and use case) > click Save.

6. To edit the Course content, scroll down to the Editor.  You can:
  • Click on the appropriate icons to edit, add, sort, delete, or copy existing units, lessons, collections, and assessment.  Use the icon definition chart below to help you navigate around the editor.
  • Click From My Collections or From My Assessments to add collections or assessments from your content library.
  • Click New Collection or New Assessment to create and add brand new collections or assessments to the Course.
  • ‚ÄčClick Save after you finish editing.

7.  To make the course visible to share with others, click the Profile Visibility Setting to On.

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