Learning Navigator 4.0 Release Notes

Learning Navigator 4.0 Release Notes

This document features all the enhancements and bug fixes included in the 4.0 product release. For detailed information on using any of Learning Navigator’s features, please refer to the Support Center.

In the Learning Navigator 4.0, the user interface for the teacher and student experiences have been further enhanced since the last release.  As they log in, teachers and students will be greeted with a new Welcome dialog.  Teachers will also see a new and improved homepage and class management page. For ease of use, suggested standards are available for teachers to easily tag standards to collections and assessments.  Independent Learning experience has been improved for students to view and quickly access their contents.  The overall new design provides better accessibility to content and student data and smoother, seamless experiences for both teachers and students.

Welcome Popup

As teachers and students log in, they will see a new Welcome popup dialog.  
Home Page

On the homepage, teachers can preview and open 4 featured courses, create a classroom, view the overall student performance in the course, and quickly navigate to different pages within a classroom.

Teacher Classroom Management

Teachers can view the class information and overall performance in the course, change the classroom name, set the minimum score for trophies, archive or delete the classroom, and manage the student roster.

Standards Aggregation

Suggested standards are available in the Content Builder when editing collections or assessments.  For collections, the suggested standards are aggregated from resources in the collection, and for assessments, suggested standards are aggregated from the questions in the assessment.  Simply clicking the + plus sign of the suggested standard tags the standard to the collection or assessment.    

Student Independent Learning

Both pages under Independent Learning have been redesigned.  On the Currently Studying page, students can easily view featured courses and continue studying their courses, collections, and assessments.  On the Bookmarks page, students can see what contents they have bookmarked.  

Take A Tour

Teachers and students can learn how to use features in the Learning Navigator by clicking on the Tour icons on various pages.

Content Catalog

Green Shoots is a new Partner Library that has math resources designed and written to be aligned to the South African CAPS standards and specifications.

Bug Fixes

  • 3 Go Live bugs have been fixed:

    • Student responses are displayed accurately - green for correct answers or red for incorrect answers, not in gray as a skipped answer.  

    • Percentage & process icon are properly displayed when student starts the assessment.  

    • Data will not be populated for students who do not take the assessment.  

  • A bug has been fixed to display content properly in the Study Player when student role is "Other".

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