How do I override student scores?

There are times when you may need to change incorrectly graded questions due to user or system error.  Once you manually override system grades on the Student Performance Report, the scores will be recalculated and the new score will be reflected on the teacher and student reports.

1. Click on Report of the Classroom you want to access.

2. Drill down to the Assessment by clicking on Expand to open the Unit > find the Lesson / Assessment you want to make changes to > find the student name > click the Report icon.

3. On the Student Performance Report, click Change Score.

4. On the question that you want to override the score, click the switch so that the red X becomes a green or vice versa.  Then click Confirm.

Once the original score is overwritten:

  • Performance score is recalculated.
  • Color indicator for the question is updated, red to green or green to red, in the header and in the Question section.
  • All updates are reflected on the teacher and student reports.


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