Learning Navigator 4.1 Release Notes

Learning Navigator 4.1 Release Notes

This document features all the enhancements and bug fixes included in the 4.1 product release. For detailed information on using any of Learning Navigator’s features, please refer to the Support Center.

Teachers now have the ability to override student scores, a feature that is highly requested by many teachers!  A fun new element has also been added to the Student Summary Report where celebratory confetti appears when students earn a certain score on their assessments.  In addition, we have added Reports on the DCA page where teachers can view present and past student performance analytics. New featured courses and libraries from our partners have also been added to our libraries.   

Student Score Override

Teachers can now override scores on the Student Performance Reports.  Once changes are made, the scores are recalculated and the new performance score is updated on both the teacher and student reports.

Confetti in Student Summary Report

When students complete their assessments, they are now able to earn animated confetti based on their performance. If students meet or exceed the minimum score established by their teacher (or earn 80% if there is no teacher-set minimum) they will see celebratory confetti.

Teacher DCA Report

Previously, student performance data was available only on the day the activity was given. Now the performance results are stored in the DCA report and can be viewed on the day it was given and on any subsequent days.  Clicking on the Report icon opens the Performance Report page where teachers can view scores, study time, and student reactions.  They can also click on student names to see individual student performance and usage.  

Student DCA Report

Students are able to view their DCA Reports only on the day the assessment or collection is completed.  Clicking on the Report icon opens the Summary Report for students to view their scores, study time, and reactions to resources or questions.

Featured Courses

We have added 11 new featured courses that were created from one of our partners, EngageNY.  Teachers can remix and customize the Math and English Language Arts courses and share them with their students.

Partner Libraries

New libraries from our partners, including LifeBoard, Lumen Learning, and Lammersville Unified School District, have been added.

Content Catalog

  • Current Catalog Overview

  • Standards include:

    • National frameworks: CCSS (Math, ELA), NGSS (Science), C3 (Social Science), CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards

    • State frameworks: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin

  • Number of Resources by Most Popular Subjects

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed caching issue to prevent blank content in the study player when resources are deleted in the collection.
  • Fixed unwanted StartFragment and EndFragment tags when users copy and paste text or answers in the Content Builder.
  • Fixed several issues on student reactions:
    • Missing reactions are now displayed on the teacher’s Assessment Reports and student’s Independent Learning Summary Report.
    • Reactions on the assessment/collection Summary Report matches reactions on the My Report page.
    • List View on the Go Live has time spent and reactions at the question level.




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