How do I create a question?

Create questions using different question types, such as fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and true/false, and add them to your assessments or collections.

1.  Click on your username in the upper right corner > click Create dropdown > select Question.
2.  There are 9 question types to select from.  We’ll use multiple choice in this example.  Select Multiple Choice > Create.

3.  Enter a question in the box, or click on Create Expression tab to enter a math formula > click Add Question Image to add an image to the question > click Save.

4. Click +Add Answer Choice and enter an answer option > select the checkmark to indicate the right answer > click Save.  You can provide from 2 to 10 answer choices with 1 correct answer.  To delete an answer option, click on the trash icon.
5. In the Information section, click Edit to change the question title and tag standards to the question.
6. In the Settings section, toggle the switch to On if you want to make this collection visible to others who visit your profile library.  Set it to Off to keep this collection private and only visible to you.
7. Your question is now created. To see it in your library, click on your username > Question tab.  Click on the + plus sign to add it to a collection or assessment.


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