Navigator Core Catalog 4.1.6 Release Notes

The Navigator Core Catalog Release 4.1.6 has updates including metadata improvements for existing resources, such as grade level, subject, and standard fields.

Release 4.1.6 Updates

  • Around 2,019 resources are marked as broken and removed.

Current Catalog Overview

  • Snapshot date: July 2, 2018
  • Total documents in resource index : 4,739,525 / 4.7M from 16,624 publishers
  • Total documents in collection index : 21,950 / 22K
  • Number of new/changed resources: 212,066 / 212K
  • Number of new/changed collections: 3,790 / 3K

Included Standards

Resources by Most Popular Subjects
Content in Non-English Languages
  • Norwegian resources: 23,410
  • Spanish resources: 80,705
  • Dutch resources: 63,227
Standards Coverage
Resource Summary by Category



Note: If you have restored Gooru snapshot in your environment previously, use the deleted items API to remove the deleted contents from your index before you import / download the snapshot next time.

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