How do you assign Teacher Suggestions?

Teacher suggestions are additional activities that are offered to students to reinforce concepts where the students need more help.  You can select recommended collections or assessments from a list of suggestions, which will then appear at the appropriate locations within the course map for the student.  After you assign Teacher Suggestions, students will receive notification in their account that they have suggested activities to study.
Click on the Course Map tab on the classroom card.

2. Navigate to where you see a low test score > click on the assessment score.

3. For those students who have low scores and you want to assign the teacher suggestion to, select those students by clicking on their student icons > click the Suggestion text or icon in the upper right corner.
4. Browse the Gooru Suggestions or search for the content you want to assign to students.  You can either assign a collection or an assessment. Select and assign the activity by clicking on the + plus icon.
5. Review the selected students > click Confirm.  The Teacher Suggestion is sent to the selected students.

The Teacher Suggestion is sent to the selected students. When students log into their accounts, they will see notification in the upper right corner, where they can click on the message and go directly to the suggested activity and start studying.

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