Learning Navigator 4.4.3 Release Notes

This document features new Navigator features that are included in the 4.4.3 product release.  If you have any questions, please email us at support@gooru.org.

Join Demo Class

After teachers log into their accounts, they will see a Navigator for Math banner at the top of the homepage.  It invites teachers to click on the Join Demo Class button to be added as co-teachers of the Navigator for Math course.

Once they join the course, co-teachers can view student proficiencies, profiles, and pathways on the Class Management page.


This Navigator for Math Demo class is for viewing purposes only.  Proficiencies are set up for each student, and some student pathways are populated with performance data.  In viewing this demo course, teachers are able to get an idea of what the personalized course looks like by viewing the skyline in the student proficiencies as well as seeing student routes and reroutes through the individualized learning pathway.   

Competency Report

The Competency Report is a competency summary of all students in a class.  It includes the names of the domain, how many competencies are in each domain, and each student’s mastery status.  Each blue box represents mastery of one competency.

Please refer to the Competency Report section in the Navigator for Math User Guide to learn more.


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