As a student, how do I self report an external assessment?

The Navigate Math Course contains external assessments where students are given assessments outside of the Learning Navigator platform.  After you finish studying the external assessments, you can go back to the Navigator to enter the assessment score, which will then be available on the Course Map to you and your teacher.

1. Log into your student account.  Click on the Course Map tab on the Navigate Math classroom card.
2. Click on the Unit and Lesson to expand the accordion and navigate to an external assessment > click the Play button.
3. Click the Start button.  A new browser tab opens where you will take the external assessment.
4.  Once you complete the external assessment, make a note of your assessment score.  Then go back to the Navigator platform. On the Scorecard, select whether you want to enter a percentage or a fraction > enter your score > press Submit.
Your self reporting score is now successfully recorded and displayed on the Course Map.


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