How do I assign Daily Class Activities from content in the Gooru Catalog?

You can assign collections and/or assessments as Daily Class Activities (DCA) that you want students to complete for that day.  To assign an assessment or collection to your DCA, you need to have a classroom set up first.

You can add content to the DCA from:
  1. Gooru Catalog

‚ÄčTo assign DCA from content in the Gooru Catalog:
1.  Click on the Daily Class Activities tab.

2.  Select if you want to add a collection or assessment.
3. Browse the Gooru Catalog and find a collection or assessment that you would like to assign to the students > click the + plus sign.
4.  The collection or assessment is now added to today’s Daily Class Activities.  Toggle the assign button to On when you are ready for the students to start studying the collection or assessment.
To schedule the DCA to a later date, please refer to the support article on how to schedule Daily Class Activities.

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