How do I schedule Daily Class Activities for students to study at a later date?

You can assign collections and/or assessments as Daily Class Activities (DCA) that you want students to complete on a specific date.  You can only schedule DCA's from content that are in the Gooru Library, not in the Course Map or your Content Library.  To assign an assessment or collection to your DCA, you need to have a classroom set up first.

To search for content in the Gooru Library and schedule it for a specific date:   

1.  Click on the Daily Class Activities tab.
2.  Select the collection or assessment icon.
3.  Browse the Gooru resources and find a collection or assessment that interests you > click the Clock icon.
4. Click on the date you want to schedule the DCA > click Confirm.
5. Click on the Collections or Assessments tab to browse through the resources and schedule more DCA’s  > once you’re done, click the Down Arrow to close the dialog.
The scheduled DCA is displayed.  
6.  On the specified date, toggle the assign button to On when you are ready for students to start studying the collection or assessment.

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