Learning Navigator 4.4.12 Release Notes

This document highlights new Navigator features and Content Catalog information.  If you have any questions, please email us at support@gooru.org.

Daily Class Activities Reports

The Daily Class Activities (DCA) Reports have been introduced back into the Navigator.  Teachers and students are now able to access the DCA Report by clicking on Time Spent or Assessment Score.  The reports are available for teachers to view today and past days while students can view their performance data on the same day they studied the activities.

Add DCA Content from Gooru Catalog

On the DCA page, we have also added a feature where teachers can add content that is from the Gooru Catalog.  Search and add collections and assessments as DCA’s for students to study that same day or schedule them at a later date.


Notifications are available to alert teachers and students when an activity is ready to view or take action.  There are 3 types of notifications:

  1. Teacher Suggestion
  2. Self Report
  3. Rubric Grading

Teacher Suggestion Notifications

Teacher suggestions are additional activities that are offered to students to reinforce concepts where the students need more help.  Once teachers assign collections or assessments, students will receive notification that an activity was sent to them.  Clicking on the notification takes the student directly to the Study Player to start studying the activity.

Self Reporting Notification

External assessments are assessments that are given outside of the Learning Navigator platform.  After students finish studying the external assessments and self report their scores, their teacher will receive notification that students reported their scores.

Rubric Grading Notification

After teacher grades activities that have free response questions using a rubric, students will receive notification that their teacher has graded the activities.  Clicking on the message takes students directly to the course that has the graded item and they can navigate to the report to see their grades and teacher’s comments.

Current Catalog Overview

  • Snapshot date: September 3, 2018
  • Total documents in resource index : 4,739,612 / 4.7M from 16,625 publishers
  • Total documents in collection index : 21,950 / 22K
  • Number of new/changed resources: 23
  • Number of new/changed collections: 0

Included Standards

Resources by Most Popular Subjects

Content in Non-English Languages

  • Norwegian resources: 23,410
  • Spanish resources: 80,705
  • Dutch resources: 63,227

Resource Summary by Category


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