Learning Navigator 4.4.31 Release notes

Learning Navigator 4.4.31 Release Notes


This document highlights updated Navigator features.  If you have any questions, please email us at support@gooru.org.

Students tab updates


The Students tab in the teacher’s class player gives the teacher the proficiency view of all the students in her class in the subject. She can look at the mastery status of the students by domain and in a domain. She can also view the proficiency maps of all the students side-by-side and individually.


Competency report for the class



Each Student’s mastery in the domain is quantitatively represented. Dark blue indicates mastery, light blue indicates that the student has started learning the competency but has not mastered it and grey indicates the student is yet to begin learning the competency.


Domain report for the class

Clicking on the Domain in the Proficiency view page, (in this case, Counting and Cardinality) brings about a comparative view of all the competencies within the particular domain, and each Student’s progress in each competency, highlighted by tick marks.(in this case, 9 competencies in this domain)


In case there are no tick marks, the student has not started learning the competency yet, the light blue tick refers to in progress and a darker blue tick mark refers to a competency mastered.



Student proficiency map

Clicking on the Student profile icon opens up the proficiency map of the student. The proficiency map shows the student’s skyline and proficiency in the subject.


Along the x-axis are all the domains in the subject. The y-axis shows the increasing level of complexity in each domain represented by the Grades in K-12. Each cell in the domain represents a competency.


The student’s skyline marks the highest competency in each domain that the student has mastered.


The grade line joins the highest competencies covered across all domain for a particular grade level. The grade line can be seen by clicking on the grades shown along the y-axis. They work as toggle buttons. Clicking on them once shows the grade line. Clicking on it again hides the grade line.



Student competency report


This report provides information about the competency and the evidence of mastery for the student in that competency.  Clicking on any tick mark in the domain report for the class will bring up the competency report for that competency.


The teacher can also access the Learning map data for the competency. The learning map data provides information about the count of all collections, assessments, resources, questions available for that particular competency.



Additionally there is a Show Learning Map button which lists the available, collections, assessments, resources, questions for the specific competency.



All Learning content can be directly accessed from this Learning maps feature for each competency. For example, clicking on resources tab (shown as 5) will display all the resources which can be directly accessed.



Comparative proficiency report

Clicking on the grid icon on the top right corner, next to the student/domain/competency summary, provides card views for each student proficiencies



Clicking on the card of any student pulls up the student’s proficiency map with the skyline. By default, the proficiency map is shown in the compressed view. Clicking on the “Show Expanded Chart” will expand the chart and allow the teacher to inspect evidence of mastery for a competency by clicking on the competency cell.


Dark blue indicates mastery, light blue indicates that the student has started learning the competency but has not mastered it and grey indicates the student is yet to begin learning the competency.



Class settings


On entering the class, click on the gear icon, (highlighted) on the extreme right, for class management settings. You can also access the class settings page by clicking on the gear icon in the class card in the teacher’s landing page.



Clicking on the class management settings leads to the page where the class, course and student personalized learning path settings can be managed.

Class and Course Setting

In the settings page, the teacher can

  • Set minimum pass percentage for the assessments in her course

  • View the co-teachers in the class

  • Set the grade level of the class

  • Set the standards framework for the course

  • View the list of students in the class

  • Remove the students from the class


Additional settings for Navigator for Math course

In the case of classes with Navigate for Math course, the teacher can

  • Set the origin, which determines the lowest grade level content that the student should study

  • Specify whether gaps in learning should be covered when generating the personalized learning path, if the Navigator course does not cover all the competencies between the student’s skyline and the lowest grade level that the course covers,

  • Personalize Learning Path for the entire class

    • Clicking on the Personalize Learning Path button will personalize the course for all the students in the class based on the origin and the grade level of the class

    • The path generation for the entire class can be actioned only once. After that, any updates will have to be done individually for each student


  • Personalize Learning Path individually for each student

    • While by default all students have the same grade level as destination, it is possible to set a higher destination for students who are ahead of their peers

    • After selecting the destination for a student, the teacher can click on the Personalize Learning Path button for that student to readjust the course to the new destination for the student


.Archive and Delete the Class


The teacher can also

  • Archive the class

    • Students cannot join an archived class

    • Existing students can no longer study an archived class

    • The archived classes are accessible in the Archived classes tab by both the teacher and the students

    • All the data and reports for the archived class are still accessible

    • Once archived, the class cannot be made active again

  • Delete the class

    • This will delete the class and all of the associated data

    • No one will be able to access this class



Bug Fixes


The following errors have been fixed

  • Course collaborators could not delete course content, this has been enabled

  • Display of Inferred Mastery status when inspecting a competency in the Proficiency map of the student is enabled

  • The Study player header is updated to show selected tab as highlighted

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