Learning Navigator Release Notes 4.6

Learning Navigator 4.6 Release Notes


This release has updates to Class Activities and the class settings features especially pertaining to offline classrooms. The details of these features are listed below. If you have any questions, please email us at support@gooru.org.

Updates to Class Activities

Create Activity

In case of classrooms that happen in an offline setting, there can be a  need for teachers to create their own activities or projects that are implemented offline and do not feature in the Gooru catalog or existing internal collections and assessments (as these may pertain to online classrooms).

In such a scenario, the Class Activities page allows for creation of an activity in addition to the add option which exists to access collections or assessments online, shown as the ‘+’ sign when the user is in the Add to Class Activity page

Clicking on the + (highlighted in the red rectangle) brings up the Create Activity popup.

The box allows the activity to be titled, with a brief description and allows for the activity to tagged to specific competencies. The text in the description can include basic formattings such as bold, italics and bullets.

The competencies that this activity relates to can be tagged to by clicking on the + button under Competency. Clicking on that brings up competency selector. The user can choose a grade, domain and the associated competencies and micro-competencies for that activity


The user can also tag this resource as either a Teacher resource or for students by selecting the appropriate options under Audience

The activity can be scheduled for a specific date or bucketed to be done in a given month by choosing on the calendar.  By default, the activity gets scheduled for the current date.

Once all of the above have been specified, the user can click on Create Activity to complete creating the activity. The activity is then stored as an external collection within the user’s My Content

Class Activity Report

In the case of offline classes, students study offline.  The teacher assigns collections she teaches the students and the assessments that the students need to take in Class Activity.  The teacher enters data for these activities in Class Activity. She tracks her class and individual student’s performance based on this data.  

In this context, the performance score seen in the class player header (highlighted below) is the aggregate of all the scores for assessments assigned to the students in the Class Activity.

Clicking on this launches the class performance report as shown below. This report is grouped by month, and each month covers all the activities completed in that month.


The teacher will be able to drill down into each month. Clicking on any month (highlighted below) will launch the report for the month. This report lists all the activities, both collections and assessments, completed in the month along with the aggregate time spent and performance metrics for the class.


The teacher can drill down further into a specific activity and get the report on that activity for the entire class. Teacher will get a list of all the students in the class and the individual student’s time spent and performance metrics.

The teacher can click on an individual student and get the corresponding student’s time spent report in the case of a collection or performance report in the case of an assessment.


Ability to set Language, Subject and Framework in class settings of offline classrooms

In the class settings, especially in an offline class mode it is possible for the teacher to set the language of instruction, the Subject and the Framework  as shown in the image below, shown marked in the red boxes.

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