How do I grade a Free Response Question using a Rubric?

To grade your students’ free response questions using rubrics, log into your Learning Navigator account.

Before you grade the free response question, you must have:
1. An assessment that contains a free response question. Here is an article on how to create an assessment.
2. The Free Response Question should have a rubric attached. Here is an article on how to add a rubric to a free response question.
3. Students should have taken the assessment and answered the free response question.

Grading a Free Response Question

1. From your home page, click on the classroom where you assigned the rubrics.

2. Under the Reports tab, you will see a message letting you know that you have some free response questions that need to be graded.
3. Click on the question you want to grade and you will be taken to the grading player. On the left you will see the question and the students’ response. On the right you will see the Grading and Rubrics tabs. Click on the Grading tab and use the arrows to set the grade level for each category and comments. Once you have finished grading a student's performance, click the Submit button to save the grade.
4. Use the Previous and Next tabs to grade all student responses. Once you are finished, hit the Submit and Finish button. Your grade will then be sent to the students.
Note: Once you hit Submit and Finish, the grading is final and cannot be changed.
5. Once you submit, you will be taken back to your classroom’s report tab where you can view the overall performance.

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