How do I access Daily Class Activities Reports? (teacher experience)

You can assign Collections and Assessments to the Daily Class Activities (DCA) that you want students to complete while monitoring their results in real-time.  View information on student engagement and progress on the content you assign to them.  Data analytics include time spent on each resource and answers to each question in the assessment.

Examples of Daily Class Activities include: Review or practice questions, entrance or exit slip tasks, adding an article to review, watching a video, posting a Do Now rubric graded question, posting differentiated tasks.

1. Click on the Daily Class Activities tab.

2.  The Daily Class Activities are displayed for today, yesterday, and future dates.  Click on Time Spent on a Collection or Assessment Score to view the DCA Reports.
The DCA Assessment Report displays the class average assessment score, individual student’s average score, and how they responded to each question - green for correct answer and red for wrong answer.
The DCA Collection Report details the class average study time, individual student’s study time, and how long they spent on each resource.

3.  Click on a student name. The DCA Summary Report is displayed.

The DCA Assessment Summary Report details the student’s answers to each question, time on spent on each question, and how he felt about the questions.  

The DCA Collection Summary Report details student’s answers if there are any questions, time spent on each question/resource, and how they felt about the question/resource.

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